Thursday, June 16, 2005


It's a few mintues passed 7 am. I've willed myself awake, a little later than usual. So I'm a bit dazzled about what to do next - there's not enough time for the gym, but too early to go to work. I reluctantly rise, staring at my cloudly bedroom door. The haze of morning, my confused mind lie there unmoving. Perhaps for minutes.

But then I realize I have to do something. Just to move. Do something! So... What? Hmmm... Do I masturbate? Maybe. Do I get up and shower? Nah... Maybe I can just sit here in sleep for a while? No, I should really do something. Hmm...masturbate? Hmmm, okay!

The door props open. It's my mother. You know, only things like this could happen to me.