Monday, May 30, 2005


You know it's serious when it's 4:39 am and you're still up. I'm possessed. I can't turn off my TV and my Tivo's running out of space. I stayed up to 3 am to catch a few minutes of live French Open action. It's almost 2 hours later and there's 10 hours of live coverage today... So I may not get sleep at all.

The score tonight will be the same as tomorrow. So why the hell am I still up? I am so, so lame!

Sunday, May 29, 2005


I'm at The Cat & Fiddle with co-workers. If you've ever been in the men's restroom there you know that they have a trough. I never thought about it, but I really like urinals better.

A co-worker asks me where the restroom is. I tell him, but I ask him to wait because I don't want him peeing next to me. That is just weird. Right? I don't wanna see co-worker penises. Sorry. So, he relays the story of my asking him to wait for this turn at the trough to other co-workers.

My boss turns to me and asks: "You have a small penis, don't you?"