Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I am bad at many, many things. But there’s one thing I am passionate, proactive, and excited about at work, and love spending 8-hours working hard at: daydreaming.

Yes, in between shuffling paper around and sending point-the-finger-at-someone-else emails, I daydream incessantly. It turns out, it was the right thing to do at work. According to PsychologyToday.com, “...daydreaming now appears to be a vital function of the psyche—a cauldron of creativity and an arena for rehearsing social skills.”

Who knew? Finally! Thank goodness, I am good at something besides perusing blogs, beating the crap out of pubescent teenage girls, and looking stupid. Yes!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


I’m not ashamed to admit it: my friends aren’t smart. (Sorry buddies and dumbasses, but it’s not like you can read this anyway...) And thus, they don’t have my problem. According to this article, smart people have the toughest time dating. It goes on to say: The smarter you are, the more clueless you will be, and the more problems you’re going to have in your dating life.

That’s my problem! Glad to know it’s not because I’m easy. What a relief!

Friday, March 20, 2009


The Special Olympics is urging fans to stop using the word...retard.

“Most people don’t think of this word as hate speech, but that’s exactly what it feels like to millions of people with intellectual disabilities, their families and friends,” a statement from Special Olypmics read. “This word is just as cruel and offensive as any other slur.”

Ughhh!!! I get it. I. GET. IT. I do. I feel bad now and I’m gonna stop using it. Really. But can I still wear one of my favorite t-shirts? (I don’t mean it that way, so...)

My t-shirt

Seriously, I do have that shirt. So, can I still wear it? Please...

Monday, March 16, 2009


March 16, 1968: Sixty to 70 combatants of Charlie Company, 11th Brigade, Americal Division entered the Vietnamese village of My Lai, under the command of Lt. William Calley. As the “search and destroy” mission unfolded in a civilian village full of women, children and elderly, it escalated into an unimaginable massacre. Eyewitnesses reported seeing old men bayoneted, praying women and children shot in the back of the head, young girls raped and killed, villagers ordered them into a ditch and mowed down in a fury of machine gun fire.

BBC News described the scene: “Soldiers went berserk, gunning down unarmed men, women, children and babies... Women were gang raped; Vietnamese who had bowed to greet the Americans were beaten with fists and tortured, clubbed with rifle butts and stabbed with bayonets. Some victims were mutilated with the signature “C Company” carved into the chest... My Lai was in a state of carnage. Bodies were strewn through the village.”

The destruction in My Lai took less than 30 minutes, but extinguished the lives of 500 innocent women, children, elderly. Calley served three years of his life in prison.

My Lai

Sunday, March 08, 2009


Not everyone can be famous, but everyone can be great. Because greatness is determined by service.
- Martin Luther King, Jr.
Do it, be great... Everyone can be great.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Friday, March 06, 2009


Hardboiled, UC Berkeley’s (unofficial) Asian Pacific American newsmagazine, is now in its 12th year of publication!

hb, as we referred to it in its first year and has even spawned its own student-led class on APA journalism, started out as a proactive reaction to the attacks on diversity in and around Cal, and in California politics. We aimed to create a forum for dialogue, ideas, and change. I think we did.

You forget how you can change the world in college. It seems so far away... I now volunteer to teach Citizenship classes to immigrants with CPA (and no, I don’t do it to put on my Facebook so I can get dates... Assholes!). There are a lot of great organizations out there so go to VolunteerMatch and find out how you can help others!

Thursday, March 05, 2009


Last night, I finished dinner and I was full. No, I was stuffed. (Yep, getting back that 6-pack!) And then it crossed my mind: order as much food as possible from Ollie’s and shove it down my throat. I considered it, and then...

Binge eating disorder is a newly recognized eating disorder. Yes, I have another one... It is characterized by overeating or starving, and is often a way to cope with stress, depression, or anxiety. Most people binge eat to cope with their feelings and emotions. For me, since I have no feelings or emotions, it’s because I really, really love, love food. Really. But here’s how you know if you have binge eating disorder, fatty!:
  • Eating what others consider an abnormally large amount of food (that’s me!)

  • Feeling unable to control what or how much is being eaten (that’s me too!)

  • Eating much more rapidly than usual (yep, check!)

  • Eating until uncomfortably full (oh, yeah! tots!)

  • Eating large amounts of food, even when not hungry (of course that’s me!)

  • Eating alone out of embarrassment at the quantity of food eaten (yep, me too!)

  • Fluctuations in weight (bingo! me too. suprise!)

  • Frequent dieting (uh, yeah... i’m the Asian Oprah here... Sigh...)

If that’s you, sorry, losers! So, last night, I thought about it and decided I wanted dan dan noodles, yeung chow fried rice, and then beef chow fun. But I was really full, so I didn’t order it... Whoa!?! Who am I?